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bread is a free resource for reviewing and sharing salary information for individuals in the hospitality community. It is crowd-sourced and completely anonymous.

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We need to talk about pay in the hospitality industry

  • Workload and compensation are unclear and inconsistent.
  • Switching jobs can be extremely costly.
  • Large pay gaps exist across companies and positions.
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Pay transparency is good for everyone

"Across the board, salary transparency helps eliminate asymmetric information problems that can contribute to the gender wage gap, racial wage issues and the labor market."

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Benefits for individuals

  • Ensure you are being paid fairly
  • Be paid for the job you are doing. Equal pay for equal work.
  • Allows you to advocate for yourself
  • Seeing what others are earning evens the playing field when it comes to asking for what you want.
  • Allows you to make financial decisions for yourself and family
  • You will not waste time applying, interviewing, trailing and training before finding out what you will earn.

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Benefits for companies

  • Decreased hiring and training expenses
  • You will not waste time interviewing candidates who will not accept a salary in your budget. New hires may leave your company if they learn they won't be earning enough.
  • Increased employee job performance
  • Pay transparency has been shown to have a positive effect on job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity.
  • Reduced wage bias
  • By sharing pay information openly, organizations are far more likely to correct any salary inequality and explore the reasons behind it.

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Share your salary anonymously

  • It takes less than 60 seconds to submit your salary anonymously and help others.
  • Each person who shares is doing their part in transforming the hospitality industry.
  • Knowing what others get paid affords everyone the opportunity to be paid equitably.
  • We currently have 18 salaries shared from people just like you. Create an account to check them out!

Pay ambiguity is a large problem in the hospitality industry but it doesn't have to be

Save time

Don't waste your time applying, interviewing, or trailing before you know what you will earn.

Reduce pay gaps

Studies show that salary transparency can narrow different pay gaps

Compare Job Offers

Knowing what you will earn on the job allows your to financially plan for your life

View verified salaries

Salaries can be submitted with proof such as paystub or tip sheets.

Share anonymously

We will never ask for or share your personal details.

Help your community

By sharing your pay, you are helping others make informed decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pay transparency?

    Pay transparency is the practice of companies or individuals sharing compensation details to be visible to other people.

  • Hell no! In most cases at least. It is illegal to prevent employees from discussing wage and benefit offers. The national labor relations board has made this clear that it’s a workers right to discuss wages. In fact, many states are passing laws requiring employers to post salary ranges. Only share what you are comfortable sharing and check the laws in your area.

  • Wages can be submitted one of two ways: verified or unverified. Wages marked 'verified' have been submitted with supplemental information such as paystubs, W2s, or tipsheets. That being said wages are submitted anonymously by users and for that reason, there is a chance that they could be misrepresented.

  • First, we hope noone is doing this. This is a resource to help everyone. If you have reason to believe a listing is fake, flag it and we will reach out to the user for more information or remove the listing.

  • bread is 100% anonymous. The wages that you submit may be modified slightly to further protect your identity.

  • You can submit your earnings in under 60 seconds.

  • To submit a verified salary go to the Verify Your Salary page and upload supplemental information such as W2s, Paystubs, or Tip sheets.

  • Spread The Word: The more people that use bread the better the platform becomes.

    Report Bugs: If you see any problems with the site, fill out the contact form below.

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